2021 here we go

 Hi all, so sorry for the delay.  Had some personal problems occur since the last post.  My dog deedee ( the big brown one who has appeared in instagram and such), started having more arthritis problems so we were in and out of the vet for a few months getting scans and trying medication.  unfortunately with her falls, she ended up having an underlying medical condition that she passed away from mid january. It was a shock and between fostering dogs and working, i slipped a bit with posting.

I am excited to announce that one of the dogs i was fostering was a 7-9 week old boxer mix and i have since adopted him! We will start training this summer in hopes he( and maybe jimmy the other dog)  will be pet therapy buddies in future sessions.

A few work changes; the website is under construction, getting some redesigning to create a more user friendly experience.  I am also excited to announce that i am getting close to having a waitlist for incoming clients! I am working on balancing my virtual platforms with my incoming private practice clients so that i still have room but by my year mark in july there will be a wait, hopefully not a long wait and if there is i have been networking so i will have referral options to keep the wait low.