My new job is wonderful!  starting next week for the next three months though ill be at two diff. Facilities 40 houra a week total!  Woohoo!  Today after 4 hr shift though I had to take a nap.  My fatigue is still with me and some days unbearable.  Yay for long term side effects and “new normal”.  Time to stock up on mt dew and coffee!.  I really did get lucky with this job, my boss is wonderful my coworkers are nice and the residents are so sweet!, I’m already connecting with many of the residents, bringing out smiles left and right,  and as this population is primarily dementia, the lighter stage individuals help me out with the later stage individuals.  All are sweet though, can’t wait till our activities truly start!  I’m hoping to get the new calendars signed off and shipped out monday afternoon.  Time to llearn yatzee and canasta!  I have october filled with fun activities thanks to pinterest. I even have some ladies who want to lwarn crochet, so many of these acitvities that are sensory based will be helpful as it activates other sections of the mind to help keep the mind ticking, stretch out its plasticity for as long as opssible. So glad that I can be hear for them.