Just keep swimming,,,just keep swimming…

I have been working on my portraits the last couple days, so I should soon have something to show!   I switched from basic sketch paper to nicer paper today, which requires a bit of an adjustment with the charcoal!  Thanks to my family and friends for allowing me to use their albums and photos to practice with :). It gives me much variety as opposed to staring at my own photos on hours ends!   I also am excited, because I found a new set of chalk pastels with both grey tones and skin tones for inexpensive price, so I can start incorporating color instead of only B&W!   

Still no job offers, or responses.  I thought I had two potentials however no initial response or response to my inquiries :(.    Still sending in two or three resumes a week!  Soon though ill start driving around the area with resumes.  Here’s to hoping!

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