Sharing for the very first time

When i first started sharing my feelings, it was difficult. I was able to talk about what happened pretty easily, but as soon as i started talking about how i felt the waterworks came.  the first real time was during my painting final.  we had all semester to work on painting, just painting whatever cameContinue reading “Sharing for the very first time”

Post Cancer and Art Therapy

After my five months of treatment I was considered in remission. My scans were completely clear which meant not only were the tumors gone, but the bones (which were swiss cheese on the initial mri) were regrown. I stumped the surgeons at my oncology center, “as the medicine wasnt supposed to work like that”. WhileContinue reading “Post Cancer and Art Therapy”

Current day realisation of initial diagnoses

Finding out that my pain was labeled as cancer, came as a relief to me.  At the time I was angry and scared and frustrated but mostly in severe pain.  I didnt want to go through the process of getting a second opinion if this doctor was sure it was cancer ( and not aContinue reading “Current day realisation of initial diagnoses”

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