cambly excitement!

ok! time to talk about Cambly  , because its been along week and it makes me smile. So, online teaching- subject english as a second language, whaaaaat? tools needed:  a strong wifi connection – or an ethernet cord to plug from router to computer ( they have ethernet adapters to plug in usb)    computerContinue reading “cambly excitement!”

Low immune systems suck

So, between chemo brain (yes it is real, and can be long lasting even ten years out) and low immune system and chronic fatigue ,  some days are just a battle.  Called in sick for work twice this week for feeling total crap, which, even though it wasn’t nausea or diarrhea , the coughing andContinue reading “Low immune systems suck”

transitions,trauma and surviving

edit******- so apparently last i posted i had already moved up here. – the cancer writing group fell through, and the current clinic is the one spoken about in a recent previous post. Also about Mickey, while it wasn’t his heart we think the febreeze pet friendly litter and trauma of the fire all wereContinue reading “transitions,trauma and surviving”

new clinic

Hello all!  i mentioned i was starting at a new clinic this month, so far its very exciting!  I have finished my first two weeks of orientation and start seeing clients tomorrow.  Starting in may i will lead art therapy groups through the day treatment center for ages 12-18.  Starting tomorrow i am seeing individualContinue reading “new clinic”

new survivor group!

I am so excited all!  through meetup.com i found a cancer survivor writing workshop, we sent an invitation to the fox valley oncology group who has a facebook page and a monthly support group who is going to put out flyers for their patients and survivors!  I will be hosting an art therapy workshop atContinue reading “new survivor group!”

exciting news, changes happening

Hello again! I have news to share that I will be switching outpatient clinics.   While I have enjoyed working with Spectrum Behavioral Health, I was given an offer to join the Catalpa Health team in #appleton / #foxvalley and for financial reasons I had to accept.  It is difficult starting a new practice inContinue reading “exciting news, changes happening”

New year, new start, new you!

New year means new you, right?  Not necessarily!  You can be an enhanced you. The greatest wisdom i have been told for meeting people, interviewing for jobs, going new places, is to “be yourself”. Sometimes we have to enhance our features,by doing our research  and putting a plan in action.  What is my new yearsContinue reading “New year, new start, new you!”

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