new year new business new doctors!

happy January! almost February!!!  I started selling Jewelry In Candles this last week!  its super cool.  #soy #candles #madeinusa .  many fun fragrances ranging from mild to intense, in wax tarts or candles and body butter!  jewelry comes in everything!  and the scents are amazing. its the only type of candle that does not giveContinue reading “new year new business new doctors!”

fall is here! but it feels like winter…

my summer of adventures is behind me 🙁  I miss my #firstdescents group and my #campmakadream people!  it was scary but super exciting to travel across the country to hang out with complete strangers knowing wed have to talk about our histories of cancer in between fun new thrilling activities.  I have lost two of myContinue reading “fall is here! but it feels like winter…”

summer times

super excited yall!  I received my travel information the other day for my first descents kayaking trip in Wyoming!    ( FD is another young adult survivor program- adventure program, they have surfing, rock climbing, ice climbing and kayaking throughout the country and some international for young adults and adults over 40 – free to cancer survivors,Continue reading “summer times”

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