Art therapy, the new begining

Since I will be volunteering and recieving supervision I started a new journal!

Every semester in my program we recieved a brand new journal to use during our practicum and internship for self reflection, questions, supervision notes, etc.  This time however I am trying something new, I am creating a journal via  “altered book” method.  I raided half price books for some cheap books that had good illustration with decent weight pages and tonight I was finally inspired to start!

When this project was originally introduced to me back in freshman year I said “no way am I destroying a book to make another book”  ( also wasn’t explained well in my opinion) .  It was not introduced during my latest program, and now that I’m back in the midwest, its what everyone’s doing!!!   When I first visited art therapy interns at my new site, they all whipped out their journals which were really altered books.  Same at supervision, and then at the latest open studio, a cancer patient shared with me her story, and her altered books.

Her story was very powerful, and she was working  on a 3 book series using old medical books from the research library.  She incorporated words, images, modgepodge, tissuepaper, you name it she had used it.  I felt honored that she shared with me, not everything of course but at least her feelings toward the subject and let me leaf through her books,  such a great way to release thoughts and feelings toward such a painful time in such a positive way!  Knowing what ik now about this project I totally recommend it.  Its one thing starting a brand new sketchbook with empty white pages, but its another to bounce off of other words and images prewritten to make it your own.  (If this worked, I included the first few pages of my altered book)