Catching Up with office updates

im going through my September photos, and here are what i have found! please excuse the horrible pixelated images, i will get better with practice, until then technology and i dont agree!

we used bubbles as a way to transition from the last day of summer, into fall! Bubbles, to reminisce of memories of the past.

Gods eyes! to hang in the windows, full of fall colors or give to the facility to sell at a fundraiser!

here are images of some smaller godseyes, as well as some residents coloring in the leaf drawings.

Our entertainer played both harmonica and guitar simultaneously!  

Finished leaf drawings, and godseyes. the leaf drawings are now on the residents apartment doors, and we have pumpkins for october!  the gods eyes are in process of getting to the windows.

this resident chose to outline her leaf and color it in naturally, as nothing is perfect, not even nature.

October update soon to come!  will have to be in sections, as we still have one week to go!