When I was at career conference, I recieved a card in my registration pocket. This card said I love my marykay because….. I didn’t know what to say until today after recieving a few nos for parties and I had to share.

It starts with the logo To start something beautiful. It is the first thing one reads when opening up the starter kit packaging. It’s the first thing on the training materials, in fact it’s everywhere!!!!!! I think I finally understand why. One of my favorite things while discussing mary Kay with individuals, parties, facials, etc, is to make one feel special, pampered, and to feel beautiful. 

When I went through chemo in 2009/2010, I definitly did not feel beAutiful. I gained 30 lbs of weight from the medication, I was in severe pain for half the duration of treatment, and severely sick the second half. What did my mom do? She took me to Bart’s party store for wigs, she bought me purple eyeliner, fun lipstick and eyebrow makeup, and had me dress up for “photoshoots”, and she’d rub some amazing cucumber baby lotion on my bald head. It felt amazing and I felt pretty, happy, felt good. 

With my mary Kay kit,I am able to give that to others, through our spa kits or even facials, to feel good, feel pampered, and as I’ve been told, relaxed and beautiful. It’s more then an outside thing, it’s internal. That’s what I love about my marykay

My fb is officially public now if it wasn’t before everyone, so excited!  Here is my link,please like and spread the word. I would love to do virtual parties with y’all to make you feel special and relaxed!  It’s very important to take a break from stress, and I truly love our products.  I strongly reccomend satin hands because it is just amazing.