Today I had my followup visit.  First let me catch you up on the last week.  If I were more then minorly superstitious  I would be hiding in a hole.

Last Thursday I had a crazy dream. I was with friends from way back /elementary school, then I was talking with a guy, who I think I remember have a crush on,  then a friend from later who I have reconnected with came up (who in the dream happened to be his ex). And then suddenly she was dressed as death, and started chopping me with her scythe.   Then we were running through an airport, and the guy I was talking to just stared and then disappeared.

Saturday I flew home,  the first plane ended up being delayed because of engine and electric problems, they finally got it started and the plane kept making noises.  Then the second plane was delayed because the baggage carriers were not answering their walked or doing their jobs (they will probably be fired,  pilot was apologizing to everyone many times). So we were 45 min late landing

Today(Monday) I had my follow up scan.  We went up with our heavy purses and decided not to grab a wheelchair ,  sat and waited past our time to get blood drawn. The lady went oops, I forgot your file said pet scan so we have to take it out and start over (I really dislike needles, and pain).  Then mom and I shopped at the wellness center (. Btw, we have an art therapist now!!!  Totally checking if they want any summer interns).   Anyway,  on our way across the facility to pet scans I felt a sharp pain in my arm where the iv was.  Finally arrive at the pet scan and they couldn’t get my iv to draw blood.  Then it started hurting as they flushed it and sent saline and as it hardened they finally took the needle out and tried my left arm.  ( 4 needle pokes total) and finally went in the pet scan machine and eventually left, but arms have been so sore and mildy bruised all day.

Find out results tomorrow. Hopefully this week will not be reflected in the scan results