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Group Therapy – closed at this time, read for more info…

Happy Sunday all! Not sure if this poll below me will work all, but here we go!  Due to no requests to join group i am reworking my options.  Currently it is a monthly support group option for teens and adults.    I am changing this to a 6 week series!  The poll will haveContinue reading “Group Therapy – closed at this time, read for more info…”


I appreciate your patience, i believe the website issues have been fixed! Since officially switching everything to wordpress it appears some editing is needed but at least we are back online. Please let me know if anything seems “off”. Have a great day! Blogs will resume shortly.

Mindfulness, Art Therapy Virtual Conference!

I needed this today. Started out stressful but eventually smoothed out. Yes, art therapy can be done virtual! I attended this conference with other art therapists around the world, (not just professionals, a few followers as well). We had mindfulness, art making, breakout rooms with assigned buddies to individually process and then group process atContinue reading “Mindfulness, Art Therapy Virtual Conference!”

How ive grown!

Picture for effect all, this is so amazing. Ive reached world wide viewers this month!!!!! Up to almost 700 views in my websites stats. I have blog followers, likes, it blows my mind. My fb business bage has nearly doubled since i went on my own a year in a half ago, my insta isContinue reading “How ive grown!”

Group updates!

I have updated my facebook events here,  as well as my online directories on Psychology today and Therapyden! At this time there is no waitlist for these groups, and the support groups do have a minimum requirement to run.  For the virtual attendees I can send an art kit to you that we would beContinue reading “Group updates!”

Mindfulness, Meditation

“case of the mondays…..”  i am feeling this today!. I was looking at a new app over the weekend i found in one of my therapy forums, called “insight timer”.  As some of you might seen already on my business page i did a “facebook live” recently with two guided mindfulness scripts.  “leaves on aContinue reading “Mindfulness, Meditation”

Groups- virtual or not?

Poll time! This month i have anxiety depression support groups starting for both teens and adults. Currently i have no one signed up (could be multiple reasons, winter, covid, life). Due to the uncertainty of the world around us, would you prefer the group to be virtual? Pre registration is required, and i can mailContinue reading “Groups- virtual or not?”

What do I do, exactly? teach art? Therapy? Do art the whole time, how can you do art with video? We cant do art therapy over video. I only want the therapy, I dont want to pay for the art. Are you a counselor or a therapist?

These are common questions I get on a weekly if not daily basis when people call about scheduling a consult or intake session. I figured now is a good time to describe what I do. Art Therapy – what is it? First – Therapy or counseling? In the state of Wisconsin my license is LPCContinue reading “What do I do, exactly? teach art? Therapy? Do art the whole time, how can you do art with video? We cant do art therapy over video. I only want the therapy, I dont want to pay for the art. Are you a counselor or a therapist?”

Craft night!

What is craft night? Craft night is a community open studio. When i was in gradschool i volunteered in an open studio offered to oncology patients and met a lovely group of ladies who opened my eyes to the world of community based art therapy. We would get together twice a month and scrapbook ,Continue reading “Craft night!”

Happy New Year!!

Ahh, 2022, welcome! Looking over the past year, its exciting to see how far ive come. My business is going well, i have a new location, consistent referral sources, and some group offerings. (Which; with the rising omicron i may switch to virtual, comment if youd be interested in that- and pre registration to recieveContinue reading “Happy New Year!!”


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