Services Offered

All Sessions Can Be Offered In-Person Or Virtually

Please keep in mind this may change with state and health department regulations pending the pandemic.

Individual Psychotherapy And Counseling Sessions:

Individual counseling session are available for children ages 8+, adults and older adults. While I specialize in Art Therapy, I also offer traditional counseling or a combined approach utilizing art therapy and talk therapy. Each treatment plan is unique to the individual, if you are not comfortable using materials that is ok! I also have other activities to use during session to help you feel comfortable talking about topics which may be difficult.

Family Psychotherapy and Counseling Sessions:

Family counseling sessions are available as needed alongside individual sessions.

Group Psychotherapy Sessions:

No groups currently run at this time, please let me know if you would be interested in a group and being placed on a waitlist.


Video sessions will continue to be offered as an alternative to in person visits.

In-Person Sessions

We encourage the following rules:

  • Avoid bringing anyone not directly affecting our time together (siblings/family/friends) to wait for you in the common area(s). If they need to come along, please limit their time in the common areas, or encourage them to hang out in the car.
  • Please arrive at, or slightly before, your session time. If arriving early, please remain in your car until your session time.
  • Please practice hygiene as suggested by the governing bodies. Wash your hands (20 seconds or longer (hint sing the ABC’s 2x) and use sanitizer when/where available.
  • Stay Home If You Or Anyone In Your Household Are Sick!
  • We can schedule via video if you’re sick or someone at your home is sick – just need a high speed internet connection (home Wi-Fi or 4G or better cellular signal)

If you prefer to not venture out, this is absolutely your choice and potentially a smart one. However, before doing so — please reach out to your insurance company and inquire if telehealth/video counseling is covered by your insurance plan. Here is a sample of how to ask:

  • Hello [insert insurance company] agency worker, my name is [state your name]. I am currently engaging in counseling services in the state of Wisconsin, and would like to verify that my plan allows telehealth or video counseling. The billing codes 90834 or 90837 will be used – and my therapist has set up a secure video platform to see me. If they confirm that they allow this type of session, please ask for what is called a “Modifier” – usually a 2-digit code like: GT or 96. As we move forward this platform (video counseling) is available to nearly everyone who is working with me, and I am confident that it is only temporary, although it can be a valuable tool for us to connect we work through your unique struggles. If you have questions, please make sure to reach out and ask via email

Art Therapy

We can create and or talk. The art can be used as a medium to facilitate our conversation and or used as a tool to express emotion, feelings or behaviors.
​The repetitiveness of using artistic materials can aid in reducing anxiety, depression and negative behaviors. Positives of using artistic materials can be increasing self esteem, self worth and relaxation.
​During an initial assessment we will discuss you, your concerns and goals which will assist us both in your journey to wellness. At any time you wish to not create, just let me know.

Mental Health Counseling

Not interested in using art materials? That’s ok. Through a narrative approach we can talk about your story, and figure out the next chapter together. Talking can relieve stress, decrease symptoms of anxiety, and promote relaxation among daily stress or from long term distress.
At our initial assessment we will discuss you, your concerns and goals which will assist us both in your journey to wellness. At any time you would wish to create, just let me know.

​Life Coaching

​Do you not need therapy, but need some life direction? I can help you plan out , motivate and help you reach your goals!

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