How ive grown!

Picture for effect all, this is so amazing. Ive reached world wide viewers this month!!!!! Up to almost 700 views in my websites stats. I have blog followers, likes, it blows my mind. My fb business bage has nearly doubled since i went on my own a year in a half ago, my insta is growing, im learning tiktok, twitter, its just all so cool. Ive worked so hard to get here so the fact its going well does make me worry about when the other shoe will drop.

Let me give some background, and i apologize in advance but im going to just go with a guant run on paragraph- youve been warned- was a sick child, medicine did not work for me due to recieving so much when young. Then highschool had double bunion removal, extra teeth pulled, thought i was getting jaw surgery due to the angle and length it was growing , braces late in life to prepare. Sick every time someone coughed, in and out of chiropractor, college came with emergency laproscopic procedure for endometriosis, college ended with cancer diagnoses and treatment. Masters/higher ed was stressful but no significant events besides starting anxiety medication and thyroid meds. Then i had a few years of finding work, the joys that come with working with others, then found a good job and my apartment burned down, spent summer in a hotel before finding current home. Then had flooding in the new home but was fixable. Then had my normal “i feel like death”mystery illness throughout that four years (several doctors with no results besides i need to go to the gym but thafs a whole other blog). then the pandemic came and i went out on my own.

Thus brings us back to current day. I have been fitting in therapy appointments (yes. The therapist has a therapist). And i have gotten my meds under control, finding out i have attention deficit has been an eye opener(another blog another day). I have an awesome support system helping me, friends family, a biller /credentialer whos amazing at what she does, understanding clients and constant stream of incoming with different directories. so i know i will be ok. Sometimes that voice gets loud, so i find ways to take care of myself. The one take away today for you, self care. Get sleep, eat right for you, socialise enough with those you care about, have your netflix binges, take up a hobby, join one of my support groups , find a therapist, meditate, iust take care of you and meet your needs. So important. For me, today im excited to have viewers around the world, and im super excited to continue sharing with you!!!