Parenting-wheres the instruction booklet?

Parenting, like adulting or any stage of life, does not come with an instruction booklet. Being a “furbaby” parent to my dogs and cats, the dozen or so dogs i fostered, has been an experience. From a professional side as a pediatric therapist to the human children i have worked with , has also beenContinue reading “Parenting-wheres the instruction booklet?”

Importance of water

Did you know…… By the time you notice headaches your body is already in beginning stages of dehydration? Not drinking enpugh water can cause headaches, stomach cramps, muscle cramps, dizzyness, and so many other things. Your body is made up majority of water and you use alot of during the day just by sweating, urinating,Continue reading “Importance of water”

Habits! Choices! They are everywhere!

How many choices do you make in a day? Hundreds probably if you really think about it. Each of those choices will take you in a direction which will influence how the rest of your day goes. This can influence your emotions, behaviors, thoughts, about all future choices and the people you come in contactContinue reading “Habits! Choices! They are everywhere!”

Mindfulness book, and journals!

Hello all! I recently attended an ” Usborne books” party for a friend to help them earn free books for their little one.  I learned during their party that they have ALOT of mental health books geared to youth!!!!!  They have an entire mindfulness collection,  and special journals to help kids get into journaling.  TheyContinue reading “Mindfulness book, and journals!”

Group Therapy – closed at this time, read for more info…

Happy Sunday all! Not sure if this poll below me will work all, but here we go!  Due to no requests to join group i am reworking my options.  Currently it is a monthly support group option for teens and adults.    I am changing this to a 6 week series!  The poll will haveContinue reading “Group Therapy – closed at this time, read for more info…”

Mindfulness, Art Therapy Virtual Conference!

I needed this today. Started out stressful but eventually smoothed out. Yes, art therapy can be done virtual! I attended this conference with other art therapists around the world, (not just professionals, a few followers as well). We had mindfulness, art making, breakout rooms with assigned buddies to individually process and then group process atContinue reading “Mindfulness, Art Therapy Virtual Conference!”

Group updates!

I have updated my facebook events here,  as well as my online directories on Psychology today and Therapyden! At this time there is no waitlist for these groups, and the support groups do have a minimum requirement to run.  For the virtual attendees I can send an art kit to you that we would beContinue reading “Group updates!”

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