Low immune systems suck

So, between chemo brain (yes it is real, and can be long lasting even ten years out) and low immune system and chronic fatigue ,  some days are just a battle.  Called in sick for work twice this week for feeling total crap, which, even though it wasn’t nausea or diarrhea , the coughing and flem  that came up and body cramps was bad enough, not to mention hot and cold sweats. Omg and yes I realize… tmi tmi. But I tell yea chemo definitely changed how things work. Never had a good immune system before but this new acid reflux I could have lived fine without.  Also So thankful my part time job /online teaching is flexible, I had no reservations so I was able to cancel my availability and take the time to relax, and know that if I felt better I could easily call in and make some money to help me through payday.( cambly doesn’t pay a lot, but a little is better then nothing.  I enjoy it, I meet so many awesome people around the world that it’s a great pick me up if nothing else).  This weekend  I’m doing the same, catching up on sleep and tea and soup, and maybe Sunday see how I feel and open up the line.  I have a few amazing regulars who would love to call in if I’m feeling up to it, but while I’m coughing I’m no help :(. One nice thing about cambly, making friends all over the world from home and helping others on their journeys to better living.  Have met students in university for technology, engineering, medical field, psychology field, people who want promotions and need improved English to help their families live better,  people in retirement looking to travel, therapists who want to discuss different techniques and strategies (a Korean therapist called in one night at 2 am saying she had been waiting to talk to me all day and just got out of session in time.  We had a very pleasant talk!). I’ve even been inspired by a new Turkish friend to try new books and watch new movies!we discussed parasite and the art therapist character, had a good talk about other characters and discussed the movie horse girl-Quite interesting.  If anyone has questions about online teaching feel free to comment! I’ll post  specifically about them to answer questions sometime. Maybe do a review soon comparing the two English teaching companies I work with.