So I didnt follow a specific recipe.  Here is what I used

3 bell pepper pack from store
Three medium long sweet peppers
Various spices: oregano cinnamen, garlic herb, onion powder etc(sprinkle here and there )
Two handfuls cut up mushrooms
1 lb ground beef

I suggest preheating the oven for the fries first because it requires 475 and the peppers only need 375.

Cook the peppers mushrooms etc. I used a slap chop to help dice them.   (Cook but keep crunchy not soft)  remove and throw on meat in same pan.  Brown then readd veggies and spices. 

Cut top off peppers remove stem and innards.  Stuff peppers and top with shredded mozzerella. Retop with pepper cap.

Bake 20 min at 350

Sweet potato fries

For dessert I decided against cookies and made double fudge brownies with marshmellows.  So much for a healthy meal…hehe