Moving forward

So ive always had issues with anxiety and emotions  And insomnia and the list goes on.  After an awful discussion with one od my professors about my internship site, I decided to schedule my next counseling session and left a voicemail with my counselor about looking into anxiety medication.

Maybe it may help control my anxiety, my *overly emotional attitude* my frustrations issues with change so on.  Personally I cant wait to go back to the midwest, because since I moved out east the stress oF school seems to be making my *issues * worse and I just seem to be adding lots to my medication list.

While I have had *issues* before, yes I feel they are worse since treatment.   But for me treatment for cancer was a good thing.  It took my pain away, it gave me a second chance to live.  I was very fortunate in this. Its also now givng me the strength to ask for the medications to help with my anxiety and temperamental mood issues.   I have heard many good things about these drugs these says and using a balance of counseling and medication,  I think things will become easier for me. 

Heres to hoping for a brighter future after a very difficult beginning to a semester. 🙂