night shift moments

hello all!  im in the middle of a 12 hour shift at the behavioral health facility I work, and I am enjoying an amazing small cheese and sausage pizza.  I came in early to help fill a gap, so im doing 7 to 7 today. didn’t get to start ordering my pizza till midnight, then after I placed one order I realized the place was closed, so I called four different places and finally dominos picked up!!!!! 5 minutes to end of delivery hour, and thankfully they said it wasn’t a problem to drive out to me 🙂 even made it before the half hour estimated time! 

today started out frustrating. im now on night two of four night shifts. ( 11 till 7 30ish am).  I was asked last night to come in early ( at 7) and then found out I would have to work with an employee, who frankly I haven’t quite meshed with yet.  needless to say after only a few hours of sleep and arriving here, it was a nerve-racking start to the shift.  all in all though, it was a good afternoon. nothing dramatic happened, no incident reports had to be filed, and after this employee left he called me to apologise.  im still processing this, because it totally came out of the blue.  ever had that happen?

 our unit specifically uses “DBT” or “dialectical behavioral therapy“.  a lot of validation, talking over the events that led to the emotions, and events that may or may not have been the right choices, and more validation.  the rest of the facility uses CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy.  They do a lot of ‘resisting urges” while we are about the feelings that move behaviors and accepting responsibility for those actions. ” yea you just did this. now how can we change it so next time a different skill can be used and we can change the situation”. I enjoy learning about new things and this DBT is definitely fascinating, feels like it should have been incorporated long ago, but hey better late then never!

What does this have to do with my fellow employee?  well they called to tell me that after our shift processing it got him thinking, and realized that he never really validated me and what I have to offer to the unit.  my initial training was not the smoothest, and in a new unit with one fully trained staff to train a fast growing team of new people, clashing occurred. <— takes guts to admit that people. between our hiccups and now that some of the air has cleared, it wont be so nerve-wracking to come to work with him anymore.  tonight was the first night we really worked as a team, and now i’m truly able to  enjoy my pizza.  🙂