Update on Kitty!

My cranky old man kitty Mickey had his heart scan yesterday.  there is no sign of heart disease!!!!!!!! so thankful!!!  I will be getting the specifics in the next few days after the doc does the write up but basically one of this valves is just a hair too close to an arterie so when hes stressed it gets sucked in and thats what causes his heart murmer.  He is given the clear to go under anesthesia for dental appointments!!! We almost didn’t complete the scan because he wasn’t allowing the doctor to do the initial exam.  They ended up holding him down and putting a muzzle on him. he survived and was given extra treats upon arrival at home 🙂  after an especially cranky afternoon hes now appeared settled again and taken over his chair in the living room. hes 15 ish and ive had him since he was about a week old, so definitely my baby!  i remember bottle feeding him, hand feeding him, litter training him.  So thankful hes ok and hopefully will last me a few more years!!!

Feel free to share pictures in the comments of your furbabies 🙂