August 2nd, 2023

The pandemic has ended, however please keep in mind Samantha and some of her clients are immunocompromised. Please be mindful if you are sick to please continue contacting Samantha ahead of time regarding switching to the back up option of tele-health or rescheduling your session to prevent the continued spread of traditional flue like or cold symptoms. Thank you in advance.

August 16th, 2022

Please let Samantha know ahead of your appointment if anyone in the family is feeling ill or has cold / flue / allergy type symptoms.  There has been an increase of individuals coming to appointment with symptoms and being turned away. Samantha is immunocompromised as well as many of the clients who come to the office, and while Samantha does the best she can to sanitize, she asks that we all do our parts in notifying her to switch to video session, wear masks in session, or cancel with no late cancel / no show charge. Thank you for your understanding.

August 1st, 2022

Samantha is willing to see vaccinated or unvaccinated clients in person, it is up to the discretion of the client if they are comfortable in sharing that information.

Please be advised to verify coverage with your insurance provider as some are paying differently for telehealth vs. in person sessions. When checking, ask for outpatient mental health, telehealth with an end date for telehealth coverage.

If you are not feeling well, experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to someone testing positive, please call to let Samantha know and other arrangements will be made.

Masks are optional. Please let Samantha know ahead of time if you would like her to wear a mask during your sessions. Samantha will have hand sanitizer available at the building entrance and in the office where services are provided.

Thank you for your understanding as we all continue to make adjustments during these challenging times.

July 1- 2020

During COVID-19 paperwork can be digitally signed and returned and sessions may be primarily video or telephone.

Walk and Talk

Meet in the park to walk and talk for session- park will be discussed ahead of time and confirmed morning of.


Because of the current climate (i.e. Public Health Crisis, Covid-19, C-19, Pandemic) I am offering therapy sessions through TeleHealth, Video Therapy to assist with social distancing. Please be aware this is done best on a computer or in a household with a high speed internet connection (home Wi-Fi or 4G or better cellular signal)

In Person Sessions

We encourage the following rules:

  • Avoid bringing anyone not directly affecting our time together (siblings/family/friends) to wait for you in the common area(s). If they need to come along, please limit their time in the common areas, or encourage them to hang out in the car.
  • Please arrive at, or slightly before, your session time. If arriving early, please remain in your car until your session time.
  • Please practice hygiene as suggested by the governing bodies. Wash your hands (20 seconds or longer (hint sing the ABC’s 2x) and use sanitizer when/where available.
  • Stay Home If You Or Anyone In Your Household Are Sick!
  • We can schedule via video if you’re sick or someone at your home is sick – just need a high speed internet connection (home Wi-Fi or 4G or better cellular signal)
  • Wear a mask during sessions, use hand sanitizer before entering and supplies may be limited due to sanitation ability.
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