About the Provider


Samantha Hanson Has a Masters Of Science degree In Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in Art Therapy From Springfield College In Massachusetts. Samantha is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Wisconsin, and she has 7 Years Of Licensed experience working In different levels of Psychiatric care including; Residential, Inpatient, Day-Treatment, and Outpatient Clinic Settings. Samantha has worked with a variety of ages ranging from young children to elder adults.  Prior to being licensed,  Samantha has also worked In hospital settings using art as healing, residential units for those with dementia, and occupational transition services for those with special needs. She is an active member of the National Art Therapy Association and The American Counseling Association.

Samantha offers Telehealth to non local Wisconsin residents and has two physical office locations – one in Appleton Wi and the other Oshkosh Wi. 

Samantha has been trained to use scientifically studied therapies including; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy and approaches including Client centered, narrative, humanistic approaches and trauma informed care.  Samantha offers a combined approach in session for individuals interested, which includes both the art therapy and traditional counseling, however each treatment plan is unique to the client and this will be a discussion as to what is best for the client to meet their needs and comfort in session.

About Peace In Colorful Dynamics LLC:

  • Peace in Colorful Dynamics LLC is a Mental Health Clinic with a specialization in Art Therapy. The clinic is owned and operated by Samantha Hanson LPC, ATR and is located in Appleton, WI.
  • Here you have the option of Traditional Counseling and or a combined treatment of both Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy to give you an opportunity to add to your knowledge base and assist you in your journey to improved quality of life. Through assessment and analysis, each individualized treatment plan will be as unique as you are with a combined approach of artistic media and counseling.
  • Please keep in mind, It took time for the anxiety to build; it will take time for the anxiety to decrease. Be it talking or creating, together we will find a way to help you live the life you deserve. Whether in person or through virtual counseling, we can both engage in creating during the appointment. All supplies will be provided for in-person sessions.  
  • In the event of your concerns requiring specialized training such as severe anxiety, severe depression, autism, adhd, or another area of concern that Samantha may not have enough training to support, Samantha will assist you in finding a referral.  Samantha has a strong knowledge base however is a general counselor with outpatient status.

Peace in Colorful Dynamics LLC

  • Serves Children ages 9+, Adolescents and Adults 
  • Individual sessions- However family members may be invited into the session if necessary alongside treatment.
  • Common Concerns (not a complete list)
    • Physical Illness or Chronic Pain
    • Emotional Irregularities / Personality Disorders
    • Borderline Personality (BPD)
    • Depression
    • Anxiety/ Stress Related
    • Family
    • Foster care and Adoption
    • Seperation
    • Trauma
    • PTSD
    • Gender and Identity, LGBTQ+IA
    • Self esteem

Uses the following approaches

  • Art Therapy, Narrative Theory, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT), Use of Play in Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Family Systems

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If you are experiencing an emergency situation which requires immediate assistance please do not call the clinic, call 911 or your local crisis center.

​What Is Art Therapy?

Please Note: Art Therapy may look different with Telehealth services.

Traditionally, Art Therapy is an expressive form of “talk therapy”. If you have difficulty finding the words when it comes to daily stress or anxiety, using the senses and sensory output (being creative or hands on with the materials) can be helpful in identifying and expressing your needs. In creating and discussing through art, it may be less stressful to recall memories or events alone. The act of creating can be mindful, meditative and relaxing from using repetitive movements. Art Therapy can also be used as a method of distraction from stress.

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