All discussions will remain confidential. Samantha will not share any information about you to your employer, parents, friends, or others without your written permission except in circumstances described below. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, Samantha reserves the right to advise your parent(s) or legal guardian about any updated information that could significantly affect your health or well-being. In such situations, the detailed information from sessions between you and She will not be shared, but your overall progress may be discussed in general terms.

Exceptions To Confidentiality

There are specific situations in which your confidentiality is no longer private. Samantha is required by law to report any statements of child or elderly abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities. Further, if you make statements that indicate you intend to harm yourself or others, Samantha is required by law to call medical and/or law enforcement- Samantha will have a conversation with you prior to making any phone call to make sure it is in your best interest, or if other solutions are more appropriate. If you are involved in a criminal case, a judge may order Samantha to turn over your file to the court. You must give signed permission before Samantha can share any of your counseling with anyone. If you give me written permission, you will have the right to designate who should receive information from your file, what information they are allowed to receive, the intention for which they will use the information and the period of time during which you are granting the permission. Examples of situations requiring a release of information include: certain inquiries from insurance companies, a new counselor wanting to use records from a previous counselor to provide continuing care, and collaboration with another agency or professional in your treatment. Samantha may consult and seek supervision with a mental health professional regarding your assessment and care. This consultation is free of charge to you. Any identifying information (to protect confidentiality) will not be revealed. All consultants are legally bound to maintain confidentiality.

Counseling A Minor

The information obtained from a minor through counseling services is confidential and will not be shared without the written consent of the minor’s parent(s) or legal guardian except for the following reasons:

  • a) There is an imminent danger to your child
  • b) Your child reveals information about mental or physical abuse
  • c) A court orders the counselor to release the information.

Information contained in your child’s records will not be released to a third party other than in circumstances described above unless you give written consent for release.


There are some mental health-related services that I may be unable to provide. In these cases, Samantha will assist clients with referrals. The referral process often requires sharing of information and completion of paperwork.