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Here are some resources that may help you in your journey to wellness, or journey to becoming a Counselor and or Art Therapist. Clicking the links will take you to their websites. I have added a section of other providers around the state of Wisconsin / USA to assist in finding a counselor near you! Near the Bottom of the page I have journals / Notebooks for sale through amazon that I have created and independently published, filled with variety of blank, lined or graph paper, with or without journal prompts included ( disclaimer- i do make a percentage off each sale).

Art Therapy / Counseling Resources

American Art Therapy Association –

Approved Art Therapy Masters

Find your State Art Therapy chapter –

Wisconsin Art Therapy state chapter-

Find an Art Therapist near you ( this may be an incomplete list as professionals are added throughout the year, if you can’t find anyone in your area please email your state chapter for the most recent additions) –

American Counseling Association –

Wisconsin Counseling

Find a Counselor near you:

Counseling Q&A-

Other Creative Arts and or Mental Health resources:

Music TherapyOrlando Recovery Center, a web resource that provides information and support to people fighting substance abuse and addiction.  Music and art can serve as powerful and beneficial tools when it comes to helping with the addiction and mental health recovery process. To spread awareness, we published two educational guides on the benefits of art therapy and music therapy for individuals recovering from addiction.

Please take a look:
4 Ways Music Therapy Can Help People in Recovery

Julietthe L. Santamaria |Outreach Specialist 


“Many are not aware of the connection between PTSD and car accidents, so it is something we wanted to shed some more light on. Not surprisingly, a car accident can be traumatizing for any person involved. It can make getting back behind the wheel seem impossible. That’s why we wanted to make a comprehensive guide about PTSD after car accidents. “Check it out: 

PTSD & Car Accidents –

Benjamin Scott
Outreach Director
Logo e:
NST Law, 488 S. Mendenhall Road, Memphis, TN 38117


Wisconsin Clinics in Your Area 

With COVID-19 Samantha has networked with many online Telehealth providers throughout the country, specifically Wisconsin! Please contact them to discuss current availability and in person or telehealth services. 

North East WI
South East WI
Central WI

Carissa Weber LPC ,CSAC  – That Darn Amygdala :

North West WI
South West WI
USA directory of providers


Donations Accepted:

If you have any spare, old (gently used) or unopened art supplies and would like to donate them, here are some accepted materials. These materials would be used in open studio, support groups , individual therapy sessions, and or if appropriate amount of items- take home kits for clients who may not have supplies to work with in between sessions. We are working on creating an amazon wishlist to make donating easier due to COVID-19.

(Example : Left over school supplies or old containers of beads or thread).

​(Accepted supplies) Markers, crayons, colored pencils , pencil sharpeners, mod-podge, glue, glue sticks, pastels chalk or oil, acrylic and watercolor paints (not accepted—->oil paints) model magic, play doh, kinetic sand(only unopened packets), paper (sketch pads, printer paper, large pads of paper), erasers, colorful thread, thick or normal string, twine, hemp cord, wire, (tools for wires or beads), magazines, newspaper, stencils, paint brushes, foam brushes, sandpaper, shrinky dink plastic, fabric, wallpaper sampler books, scissors, tye dye kits, marbles, fabric paint, ( if you have any question about something being acceptable just give us a call!)

If you’d prefer monetary donation : Michaels , Joanns, hobby lobby gift cards are accepted. Reciept will be mailed to you for tax deduction.

For Sale through Amazon! Mindfulness journals and Notebooks.

Notebook -Journals Samantha Hanson has independently published, in either paperback or hardcover format. Small pieces to track your story, express your anxiety or depression symptoms in a safe place . Keep an eye out for more to come! Will eventually create more mood trackers and calendar / planners. This notebook has a combination of blank, lined and graph paper for your use! You can write, sketch or doodle to your hearts content to give journaling a new experience. Feel free to collage or use mixed media in this book. Whether you use words, doodles, images, whichever way your thoughts present themselves; this book will hold them. Journals can be written or turned into a multi media visual journal! Dont be afraid to include collage, marker, pen, or ink (page may leak when using ink or other water-based medium)

*** Disclaimer**** – Samantha Hanson does make a percentage profit off each sale through amazon.