Samantha Hanson

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What is Creative Coaching?

a Creative Clini-Coach® is:

  • Your Accountability Partner We will have scheduled One on One sessions, and  Voxer access between sessions.
  • Your Guide Use my professional mental health background to help provide education on why we do what we do and how we can apply current knowledge of how the world works to assist you in your goals.
  • Your Motivator I am your professional cheerleader! I will cheer WITH you, as well as cry with you over struggles, important to acknowledge all the feels!

A Creative Coach is NOT…

  • A Therapist, who can help with clinical concerns such as; trauma, intense anxiety, or depression symptoms.
  • A Bestie, We cant have sleepovers or shopping dates, but we can discuss our goals and progress over a virtual coffee while maintaining professional standards.
  • A Crutch, You are in charge of your progress, I am here as a support system with my professional knowledge to lead you in the right direction of where YOU want to go.

How can Creative Coaching Benefit you?

  • Identify and address the underlying causes of difficulty moving forward;
    •  including negative self-doubt, or past experiences that may be holding you back.
  • Receive feedback and accountability
    • to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals
  • Cultivate self-compassion
    • and learn to accept yourself as you are, without judgment or criticism while having fun doing it!
  • A Creative Approach can offer a new perspective,
    • an opportunity to try something new and challenge yourself!

So how does this Coaching thing work?

Collaborate regarding your goals, steps needed to achieve them and your unique reward system!

And we do it through:

Package of individual sessions, Or Small Groups


Voxer app access to me for accountability in between sessions

All packages begin with a free discovery consult


“Resourceful and knowledgeable professional. Collaborating about starting co-facilitated groups.” 

Samantha Kraft LPC

Shifting Perspectives

“Samantha is creative and flexible. She understands that people are not carbon copies, and appreciates clients as individuals with distinct needs. She works with the whole person! “

Katy Peroutka Marver ATR CSW

Painted Prana Art Therapy LLC