Current day realisation of initial diagnoses
Finding out that my pain was labeled as cancer, came as a relief to me. 
At the time I was angry and scared and frustrated but mostly in severe pain.  I didnt want to go through the process of getting a second opinion if this doctor was sure it was cancer ( and not a mistake like I accused him of his diagnoses being wrong, because sometimes tests are wrong) because I was in so much pain I was ready to give up.  
This doctor assured me the tests were right and although the chemo would not be a Permanent cure for my cancer, that it should help and if all goes right my body should get better ( no pain).   
My motivation for continuing with the chemo was the hope of not being in pain, and if it took the diagnoses of cancer to get me the right medication to take away the pain, I was going to hope like hell it would work because I wanted to live.