Group Therapy – closed at this time, read for more info…

Happy Sunday all! Not sure if this poll below me will work all, but here we go!  Due to no requests to join group i am reworking my options.  Currently it is a monthly support group option for teens and adults.    I am changing this to a 6 week series!  The poll will have different “themes” listed and each week would be focused on the theme in a different way.

In the event the poll does not work, here are the themes, i will pick one to start with and as i gain more interest and attendees i will add more options.  I have this poll as I am always interested in hearing what my followers think ( if you comment it does not sign you up) and it can help me determine what material to type / post about in the future!

If you are interested in signing up to attend a group once i get dates please feel free to message me below, or through the business facebook page!

Theme 1 Mindfulness using combined Art Therapy and Talk therapy approach

Theme 2 Social Support to assist with worries or fears.

Theme 3 Bullying in the school environment, improving self confidence and challenging the negativity

Theme 4 Professional Workers Support , Art Therapy to assist with burnout

Other, please comment below to share your thoughts

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