Habits! Choices! They are everywhere!

How many choices do you make in a day? Hundreds probably if you really think about it. Each of those choices will take you in a direction which will influence how the rest of your day goes. This can influence your emotions, behaviors, thoughts, about all future choices and the people you come in contact with and their emotions behaviors and thoughts – and the list goes on! (Who would have thought a choice could have such an impact??- like glitter… the love spreads and never ends)

So choices, habits- what are some choices that you do every day in certain routines that then influence the rest of the day? how does your morning look, or the beginning of your work day, or evening, night time? Mine has been a hot mess honestly. Trouble sleeping, trouble waking, rushed alot, disorganized house, poor diet, the list goes on.

Lately however, im changing my habits. I started the nutrition program, (i attempted the gym and other movement strategies but no time or energy led to stopping) and low and behold the nutrition changes have made all the difference. I have a schedule and as long as i follow the food schedule i notice more energy, no bloating, can be more productive , and i can do things outside of work including changing my habits to make my days easier.

Im sleeping better at night, im getting paperwork done easier, posting more on social media personally and professionally, reconnecting with people and making new friends (omg people!! ). And i even started a private fb group for my “peace in color “ followers! Its private so we can have discussions and share more then my regular page or this website allows. I also have shared my new “Walk and Talk Fox cities Meetup Group on Meetup https://meetu.ps/c/51FZT/l3LGs/a” to encourage walkin, socializing, and making friends!

Food for thought- What habits or choices do you make that could use a change to influence your life in some other way?