Initial processing
Why would my body constantly make me sick all my life when I stayed away from “bad” things?  I stayed away from smoking, I rarely drank, I never even wore temporary tattoos. But something was always wrong with me, and on top of that we didnt understand this whole cancer thing, and the doctors told us to start immediatly from how far gone I was and to consider thinking the worst.
I had cancer.  I didnt have time to freeze eggs from my one remaining ovary ( another medical problem of mine)  and I was told I would be too sick to continue school.  Three of the most important things at 22 were being taken away from me.
With the chemo I experienced symptoms such as severe muscle cramping, full hair loss, heightened sense of smell, insomnia, chemo brain and heavy weight gain- among others….(The only good part came half way through, the pain went away!) Also at halfway through, came the nausea. 
I watched a lot of tv and movies during my time alone. (had all reruns known by heart!) Due to my lowered immune system I couldnt have visitors which included my two young nephews.  My friends would call and video chat though to check in on me, and on my good days my parents took me to the casinos to do slots! ( with my wigs and face masks .)