Mindfulness, Art Therapy Virtual Conference!

I needed this today. Started out stressful but eventually smoothed out. Yes, art therapy can be done virtual! I attended this conference with other art therapists around the world, (not just professionals, a few followers as well). We had mindfulness, art making, breakout rooms with assigned buddies to individually process and then group process at the end. The conductor was kind enough to stay after for a small group of us to finish processing as we hit the end time before everyone was able to speak. (We had about 55 attendees).

Led by Dr isis, who also hosts weekly drop in sessions if you would like to experience this yourself. She is the author of “mindful doodle book” which i love and suggest to everyone! Has approximately 75 doodle directives for self care. Her website is http://www.miamiarttherapy.com , her book can be found on pesi amazon or her website.

It was amazing to hear from her and go through our guided directive. It was four prts- those who know me know i love “part one and part two and sometimes part three” in our sessions (please dont comment here for your confidentiality if you are reading this). I will show you my work and a few from the conference to show yes this can be done virtual!  For confidentiality of the attendees, i have blacked out faces and names. my image and Dr Isis are the only ones viewable, top left!  check facebook for more close up views of the process and let me know in the comments if youd be interested in joining a mindful art therapy directive group.