Mindfulness book, and journals!

Hello all!

I recently attended an ” Usborne books” party for a friend to help them earn free books for their little one.  I learned during their party that they have ALOT of mental health books geared to youth!!!!!  They have an entire mindfulness collection,  and special journals to help kids get into journaling.  They have books related to feelings or social skill building, for super young and early childhood to help kids identify feelings and learn to express them.  For older teens they have plenty of series to help with self esteem, confidence building, social skills and so much more. I highly recommend checking out my consultant Ambers’ website:

Im super excited for these books! These are going to be amazing to use with my clients, I plan to mix and match pages from the mindfulness books to create worksheets / workbooks for minor clients (or some adults who they may be appropriate for as an add in thats more entertaining or creative) and depending on the clients concerns (some might need more happy and confidence building others have more worries and sadness) . The journals will help kids and teens feel better about journaling, so many say ” but journalings boring….” and these are definitely not boring!. Best part is these journals are all gender neutral, mature enough while young enough and “cool” for all!! I plan to hand out journals to kids who may not afford them otherwise, and refer others to my consultant : Amber Fox. Keep an eye out for a fundraising party near christmas to help me get more journals for clients in need , or more mindful books for my office library as i borrow books to parents and they don’t always find their way back to my shelf.  I have attached an image of the books and journals, as you can see from the outside alone they look pretty awesome!  They are all filled with many cool directives to help with identifying feelings, expressing feelings  appropriately and offer different directives that will help youth learn to be mindfully aware, and incorporate meditation in their lives to help battle anxiety or depressive symptoms.


Here is Ambers website again to create your own wishlist or set up a party to earn free books.  https://h11901.myubam.com/shop. ( i do not gain any free books, discounts or credit from your use of this link, it is purely for your own benefit. I will host a party later on where your contribution will help earn books for the office / client journals)