New me 2023, hey.. it rhymes

Evening everyone! We are officially into 2023.  Have you created any new years resolutions? or maybe general plans of what you want to do differently this year as opposed to last year? Some people want to try new things in general and set goals of one new thing a month / a week / a day pending their work/life balance schedule.

For me, last year was all about trying to become healthier. In december 2021 i tried on a pair of jeans and realized they didn’t fit! my yoga pants had deceived me into stretching with me and helping me believe i hadn’t gained much weight.   So determined to fit back into my old clothes, I tried different stepping challenges, made it to my chiropractor regularly , and started a new nutrition program. Im quite pleased with the latest results, and its re-sparking my interest to take a class on nutrition or functional medicine!

My growth over these last few months alone has felt amazing, and i’m so proud of myself for sticking to this program despite its ups and downs ( although it really isn’t that difficult). I have more energy and am down quite a bit of weight with more to go. Im not going to say what this program is, as i don’t want you to go immediately to doctor google and brush it off because of the meal plan price.    I was just ready when it was offered to me, it was offered by an old friend i grew up with and she had checked in with me for two years before i finally was ready.  Work was in a good place, im in charge of my own schedule and able to take time for myself,  and it replaced my normal meal budget so i figured what the heck give it a try.  Needless to say im about 3 months in and so glad i did it. im learning to eat better, its easy prepackaged meals so im not calculating carbs.  has a variety of things and encourages cooking.  As i said im learning so many new things and loving where this is going. But i definitely had to be in the ready mindset and willing to be told what to do and how to do it and try something new with the hope of it working, try somone elses way without letting myself get in the way.

My professional and somewhat personal goals for this year are to look into some health programs, maybe take a class or two so i can use the knowledge and science behind our bodies and how nutrition impacts it, with the growth i’ve experienced learning about myself ( yes the program requires reading, reflection and journaling) as well as socially ( my coach encourages me to share my story on social media in a private community with others in the program as well as my main profile and engage with people more, build friendships which has been hard for me in the past with my anxiety).  I know everyone has different experience with diets, meal plans, and our bodies are all different as well, so this program gave me no promises.  To me this is a lifestyle change, and now that i have energy, and feel healthy for the first time in most of my life, im truly excited to see what else this year brings with my new habits and tastebuds!

Comment below what some of your 2023 goals are! if you would like to ask questions about my health journey or talk about your own health journey and where you are at, also feel free to comment or submit the “contact us” form on the main page.