Well, I read through my past posts, and even though part of me remembers writing them I really don’t remember writing them.  Not sure whether it’s embarrassing, scary or if I should just blame it on trauma and catching up.

Anyway, since starting up on this again I have started teaching English as a foreign language online.  I am sick of debt, I have credit debt from trying to start over, and then my home flooding and appliances breaking down, on top of initial credit debt from back in the day starting to build credit and not realizing how quick it adds up, and student loan debt, and mortgage and car, and paying parents back for helping me, anyway I feel like I’m in debt up to my ears.  So second job it is! I technically work with VIPkid, but I don’t get many bookings if any, so I started a second platform called “cambly”. Omg it’s awesome! I will gladly do more blogs on  them,  because I truly enjoy it so much.  There are pros and cons to both but the point is I’m making extra payments to my credit debt, and I’m not struggling as much between paychecks.  (I make a decent amount but I have so much debt that it cancels itself out so I live paycheck to paycheck just trying to hit all my minimum payments.). So cambly has been amazing, I get paid to have a conversation and help people practice English from all over the world!!! The pay is not awesome, but it is weekly so it’s dependable as long as I put a bit of effort in each week.   This weekend I totally took a break and slept, because I can feel a cold coming in and needed it.  Worked a few hours today though so I still get paid tomorrow! (Enough to get gas and still put aside some for taxes- I’m an independent contractor paid by these platforms so they don’t remove taxes, I need to remove it in case I make enough that they request me to pay taxes either quarterly or at tax time. I can blog about that to separately). My favorite part is I’m in charge of my availability in the schedule, and if I have no reservations I can close out my availability and give myself off.    Best of all, is my two year plan to pay off debt (I’m also getting a bonus from work that will give me a head start), so far seems to be working just from these last few months of extra work on nights and weekends. It’s so nice to see a light at the end of the debt tunnel, even if it is still very smalllll. I see the sparkle.