Wow, 29 viewers ina few short hours!  Here’s a recap of my situation so tou don’t have to scroll all the way back to whereever it is I posted my story ( can’t believe I’ve done 45 since I started in jan!, wi th 499 views total!!
I was always a sick child, catching every cols.  U sneeze I was guaranteed to get it.  By the time I got out of highschool my immune systwm seemed to be a little steonger, hut the pain became more frequent. *had pain a lot with sick, but parents thought I was seekeing attention*   over the courcourse of 4 years in college I had a procedure for endometriosis which gave me temporary pain relief.   Then it came back and got worse .  Pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.   In 2009i was diagnosed eith non hodgekins lymphoma large b cell in about 85% of my skeleton.  I went through 5 months of chemo and was very fortunate that the drugs took away the tumors and healed the bone!!  It took me a ehile to process what I went through, I went back to school and graduated and continued to masters and graduated!  I’m feeling better then ever. The pain stopped half way through treatment and my family is clos er then ever, I’ve worked on forgiveness and moving forrward and understanding what I went through how I’ve changed and where I’m going.