I am finally done.  A graduate with a degree in master of science, art therapy/ counseling! !!!!!  The picture attached is from my art that made it into the senior show. 
Moving back from east coast to midwest was really long but enjoyable!  I had to give away a couple things from lack of room in vehicles (including canvases >. <)  but that is a lesson learned. (Rummage sales and start selling work online!) 
Needless to say a goal of mine is to start my inactive etsy account with my fine art(paintings) , charcoal portraits potentially jewlry, prints (post card /poster of ptgs or nature photography) relativly soon.  (Anyone interested the link will be posted somewhere for your use, please comment to show interest, not to sign up)
Ahhh so glad school is done, yet I’m still experiencing problems with it.  My rsch and grades.  Want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!
But its over.  So I was downgraded from an assumption I wasn’t aware of and my directoe says I didn’t do actual research.  Bullshit!!!  Anyway,  I will soon have transcripts and my diploma and am job hunting.