Activities outtings and crafts oh joy!

To start with, I did have to cut my temporary hours, so I am at my primary job 5 days aweek every morning and two days aweek in afternoon at temporary and every other week one day at my internship.  I was scheduling entertainers and outtings today and boy is my monthly planner filling up!   Somehow I was able to find space in next two weeks to squeeze in a haircut and my massage ( thanku momma and daddy for the welcome home /graduation gift!)   Soon though my budget will include monry for massages on top of car and phone and loans, cause boy do they help with stress!    This weekend mom and I are taking abreak from watching my nephews and going to a local public museum, so excited! Gonna get dominos after and watch a free on demand movie thanks to a coupon from time warner cable 🙂 (good luck again to all the hunters out there in the nasty forcasted weather)  next weekend, I have work/internship friday, work 9-5 sat and supervison sunday 9-1 and crafting thr rest of the day.  Totally excited to craft and prepare for the caed workshop I’m coleading but soooooo gonna be tired.  May need naptime! Lol.  And to think I thought it was silly as a child.  Kids don’t know how good they have it.