Up here is good old wisconsin, its deep freeze time!   My car almost wouldn’t start after work registering at -7, by the time I got home-11.  So glad my parents have a garage!    Unfortunately it means I did cancel my residents outing this week, in case van breaks down or they get sick from cold. ( was to a magic show, but we have a magician coming next week)

Well my new years resolution is get back in shape, eat better and feel better.  I’m actually doing it so far!,  I’ve been using my blender which turns into a portable mug, for fresh fruit smoothies ( Wal-Mart, 20 $!),  and this weekend I finally got on the bike, several times now!  I’m also drinking a lot of tea as I’ve been inbetween nonstop colds. (Discovered chamomile which helps a lot with head colds),  and I have two awesome friends working at this with me, which helps so much.  Were doing a point system, every 20 min of working out is 1 pt. This last week I had 3 pts, we check in sundays at 8 , and my 3 mth goal is to lose at least 15.  Our reward at that time if we hit our mark will be shopping and dancing!!  Will be fun to go out and dance with the ladies.  Sucks being an adult sometimes…lol it was so much easier to hang out back in college.  Oh well, well make it work!

Andddd news!, I tried eharmonys free weekend, was talking to someone but then not.  So I got on plenty of fish instead! And I was talking to someone last night :)  not sure if were a good match but it could at least mean a New friend.

Yaaay for new year