birds are singing and the sun is out

My apartment is more or less together 🙂 and im now accepting clients! – for an idea about what Art Therapy is and services offered
my new supply cabinet unfortunatly came dented, so once the new one comes ill take pics of my office and give you a tour!  I have officially started seeing clients, its nervewracking and exciting at the same time!!! i know with time the nerves will go and the excitement of helping others will only grow.  in between clients i get to go through my stack of art therapy / counseling directives and figure out potential treatment plans to share with clients. I will most likely use a mix of dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive approache ( which technically they are a part of eachother, but some clinicians keep them seperate – depends on where they went for formal training ).  however in the end after i share my ideas with the clients we will work together to compromise and change according to the clients wishes and goals.  i offer a sketchbook to clients for homework use in between appointments.  the client is then able to record issues and feelings brought up throughout the week and help become aware of of them so that we have a better idea of what to work on.  being a sketchbook the client is able to write, or collage, or draw / doodle.   a private space that they can share with me or keep to themselves but a tool to seperate and confront thoughts on.    The narrative approach is better for some clients as its a retelling of their story, and changing the next chapter.  its more in depth and focused on the past then the present, but as the story is retold comes into the present and considers the future.  
Food for thought :
what do you do to relax ? what do you think art therapy is?  what is your favorite season?