Change can be difficult to handle.  With the recent election everyone has their thoughts and beliefs and feelings toward the situation and they are allowed to have them.  I have seen alot of this on social media, and i dont necessarily agree that that is the best way to express things; however we each do the best that we can and if that includes using our social media as a support, by all means use social media to express yourself.  Personally for me i like to find a more creative way to express myself. with a sale at #joanns i discovered #prismacolor colored pencils!!!! OMG they are amazing.  ( i also just found walmart sells them way cheaper in case the sale has ended by the time you read this post). they are the best colored pencils i have tried yet!! ( recieved some #mandala coloring books last christmas that i go into every now and then)  The colored pencils i have  used up till now that i truly enjoy are woodless colored pencils.  The only downside to them is they are limited amount of colors.  This prisma pack ( 24 colors )  is a wonderful variety!!!! and the color is like cream, i barely have to touch the paper for the color ( which is truly vibrant) to hit the page.  im used to colored pencils where force is needed to fill in the space.  This requires a light touch , which requires an adjustment period and is totally worth it.  i started out my morning preparing for a management “fire safety , appliance and house keeping check” this morning and while i was waiting for them to come i tried to make coffee and of course grabbed the container out of the closet and knocked a can from 4 ft up, onto tip of my big toe.   OUCH. so while i was recovering with a bag of ice until the inspection came / after he left ( went just fine btw)  i decided to distract myself from the throbbing pain by experimenting with the colors.  i almost wanted to cry at how nice these pencils work.  granted part of that may been from the pain….. i always enjoy trying new materials. especially good quality materials!!!  i recently saw this “art box” subscription through facebook where you pay 25 or 35$ a month and recieve a box of supplies to try with a small art project for inspiration  ( like a mini painting that comes with specific colored markers to re create that painting).  Im very tempted to try it for a month or two  as a christmas present to myself.

however you need to help yourself de stress from the election , i hope it works out for you.  if you do #create, please feel free to share an image in the comments!