CHANGES changes everywhere

Hello!  These last few weeks of social distancing and fear have made me reevaluate my life.  As far as the online teaching- i was accepted into qkids and cambly kids!  so i am now an active english as second language tutor on Cambly – Cambly Kids, Itutor, and Qkids!  ( i also have italki and vipkid but they do not seem to book as well)

As far as other changes. I have realized that i need to take better care of me.  While i love where i work, the clients i see and the organization as a whole, this time of taking care of me and having a flexible schedule / being my own boss has shown me that is what i need.  I am currently back at 60 % or more of my client load and i have been too exhausted to continue working out much less walk the dogs or eat regularly like i have been. ( last time i walked the dog a neighbor yelled at me for them poo ing.  yes i always pick it up. it made me see that im more of a nervous wreck then i thought i was and i know worrying about my health in this time of covid isnt helping, and helping take care of everyone else for work isnt helping either, much less to be yelled at for something out of my control).  I have decided to make changes which i will officially announce in the upcoming months, and while i am scared i am also very excited!  i have a plan and hopefully third times the charm!