ever after

So the #lls  #lightthenight walk #appleton turned out pretty nice.  two of my coworkers joined me in support of me as well as memory of past family members.  Its always wonderful to see the amount of support at events like this, and to know that appleton raised over 120,000 $ toward #bloodcancer #research!!!!!!!!!  #teamjustkeepswimming will be back again next year and i will share my link ahead of time once they open registration :).  

In other news, i took my cat to the vet for pre dental examination and blood work.   I found out he has  heart murmer 🙁 🙁 🙁 which could have developed since his last appt in spring or missed from his previous vet. i recieved an email today that his blood work came back fine which im confused about, so i will be calling back tomorrow for more information and scheduling the cardiac workup that the vet reccomended.  i feel like getting that looked at is more important then getting his teeth cleaned with the chance of him not making it through the procedure due to the anesthesia and  heart condition.

my baby is 15ish years old and ive had him since he was like a week old! im hoping its simple thyroid issue , but im not feeling to positive since they didn’t say the thyroid blood work wasn’t out of the ordinary.  wish me luck all, ill update when i know something! until then enjoy these cute pics of my babes , and my dad who was engrossed in the packer game at the top photo.