fall already!!! **updated***

fall is here everybody!  Im busy as ever, doing marykay and starting as an Art Therapist in a new #mental health facility!!!

We opened august 1st, and we currently have no wait period. located in #westallis wi ,  414-329-HOPE (4673). we accept most insurances and accept private / cash pay.  I offer #ArtTherapy , traditional #counseling in group or individual format.  I am the only art therapist at this facility, and am looking forward to sharing my skills with others in their journey of #selfdiscovery and #healing. Each treatment plan is unique to the individual, and we do discuss our route at the first meeting when gathering patient history.

This next month or so im busy doing booths at fundraisers and holiday sales events~  super fun!  Had two this weekend so im slowly getting my name out!  I will be leaving my assisted living job, while i love my residents and giving them activities outings and entertainers to brighten their days, i need higher pay and i know i wont get that at this place.  I am so stressed with “office politics” and bullying from my coworkers, that its not worth it. i dread going in,  so thank-goodness i have my marykay! My  happy pink bubble. My unit is awesome, and i wish i were going to the seminar this fall called “fame” but unfortunately my budget is nill since i slowed down my hours at the old home, and i dont have clients yet at my new facility so i have to squeeze every penny i have to pay off car and insurances. ( over worked and underpaid, sound familiar?)

anywhoo, if anyone would like to try marykay i can send to go kits anywhere in the us! ( we have no territories, and can have the facial via skype or facetime or webcam!)  its super fun to share this stuff, and am looking to build my team! and i do need 13 more faces by the end of this week ( was given a skincare challenge of 15 for the month), so if your local ( #milwaukee area), please contact me asap!  Id love to share with you some of our new limited edition lotions and lip balms, or our skincare in general! it is the only kind that works for me, for my oily skin and my acne.  everything else drys or irritates my skin :-/  . and our mascara / eye liner is the only one that doesn’t make my eyes burn!  and we have several colors including green and gold 🙂

here is an update of my pages, please like and share!



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