im struggling.  being a cancer survivor – of a blood cancer- even 10 years clear my immune system is not great and i worry all the time. yes the worry has gotten better, has decreased some over the years. but ive never seen anything like this, our bars are even shut down!!!!!!! Wisconsin doesnt close bars…. but everything is shutting down.  even work, mental health, is switching from face to face to other means of therapy.  i wanted a vacation but not in this way.  so im making a list of crafts and projects, getting more online teaching hours, signing up for a second / technically third program as im not getting bookings through vipkid.  i signed up for magic ears, and i might sign up for itutor italki or whales english ( used to be sprout).  i found a comprehensive chart to help compare all the programs if anyone would like to view it. you can google ” i to i comprehensive online teaching comparison chart” or comment here and ill post it later.  keeping myself busy is the only way to keep me sane, along with my anxiety meds to not over think catching a germ every time i go out.  i did not hoard tp, but i did hoard chips and sour cream. ( i do use sour cream for other things like chili not just chips, and making dip or dipping it alone. mmm)  how are you being productive during this time? any tips to help me work through my struggling?  im trying hard to be brave and strong for clients, but i am giving myself this few days to freak out while i dont have any calls to make.