Firepit ramblings

Fall is almost here!  the warmth has turned to chilliness.  I have a fireplace in my apartment, so tonight i threw in some logs and some junk mail and roasted marshmellows!  now im curled in my fuzzy soft plink blanket and writing to yall 🙂  nothing like a warm toasty room and soft blanket to welcome in the chill.  Its great to reboot the senses once in a while.  light some candles, soft fuzzy blanket or fuzzy warm socks. throw a blanket in the dryer for about 20 minutes and curl up with a good book.  warm cup of tea or chicken broth. mmmm the things we can do for self care!  Totally important in todays busy lives.   My nephew whos 12 mind you, just started 7th grade, says “hes too busy to check his email”.  if hes too busy now, wait till hes in his 20s working and paying bills!  needless to say, its good to take time to yourself and reboot.

im super excited to share!  Not only do i have my new website sharing general art therapy services:

and my facebook page:

i have a new pinterest page!!!!!!!

The clinic and i have been busy doing vendor events on weekends inluding the Autism Speaks walk in Green bay,  the NAMI walk also in greenbay, and i shared our booth at a small breastcancer fundraiser in appleton!   We have more vendor events coming soon and we are working on mailing out info packets for our clinic to local businesses, so if you are within driving distance of Greenbay and want our packet, let me know! our clinic offers EMDR (which im getting trained on later this week), Brain Spotting, Art Therapy, Pet Therapy and more 🙂 For more information on our therapists and the clinic. ( the contact us button on my personal website will also take you to the clinic website)

This is so exciting to be taking this journey! im loving it up here in greenbay and the clinic is wonderful, family based entrepeneurs looking to make a difference.