First week in!! my OWN agency

So excited! ALL the feels everybody.  Fear and excitement, nervous and contentment.  I am one week into my clinic, and it is so weird not being fully busy with things to do and a full client load to see.  I have plenty to do and had a productive week, but it isn’t like being at the old clinic.  Here I am the boss, I get to approve my releases, policies, documents, set up billing, figure out insurance, marketing, referrals, waitlists and so much more!  This week I was able to get my billing system set up to my new portal, documents with digital signature sent to clients who followed me, signed a few people including a new client up for sessions and saw people for sessions!!!  I also did a bunch of online teaching classes with Qkids and Cambly, and did with with my BetterHelp clients!!!  I will also be a new member of Talkspace after i complete orientation. Talk space and Betterhelp are Online Telehealth clinics to help supplement until i build a steady client load through my regular clinic.

I seriously dislike insurance, just gonna throw that out there! However, i am willing to go through the difficulty for clients old and new.  I have been accepted into the Optum Panel which is a string of UHC .the “behavioral health side of UBH”. So that is super exciting! I am working on Forward / Medicaid and hope to get that soon. The trouble with insurance is i have to fill out applications with all my special numbers, and wait…. and wait… and wait.. and hope it was filled out correctly or not missing anything like a check mark a document that should have been uploaded.  insurance can take 3=6 months or up to a year to approve providers to be on panels.  I am learning alot, and have a friend whos helping me between her own work.  I have so many supportive people in my life that i am thankful for!!!