Sorry that it isnt very clear, but I guess its not supposed to be.  I started this mixed media painting last year,  and finally have been inspired to continue.  I had a massage today where I intern since I get a discount,  amazing. And of course it was almost like therapy cause he asked how school was going since our last appt. 

Wrong question to ask.

Needless to say I was a bit homesick and frustrated talking about school and my “high expectations” that im not allowed to have,  and I realised that this was the perfect painting to work on.   I used pinterest ideas of cutting up toilet paper rolls ( yay for scissors)  and hot glued them and cotton balls.  I noticed my green layer looks like a map with lakes (kind of like the Midwest!  🙂  )  and turned this painting in the direction of a map.    Not completed yet of course, will continue it or another tomorrow. 

By monday I plan to have at least five ready for a critique. Maybe will show another preview of something else at that time.