Happy vday

So I woke up feeling completley awful today, which I think was from my body coming down from extreme stress.  I was disoriented,  nhmb, dizzy, felt drugged up, shaking, weird nightmares,  (last night was also first night without using sleeping pills, my body must be lacking natural sleep and having trouble with stress go figure). 

Anyway I decided to look at the job apps again and sent my resume to a place back home thinking I wouldnt hear anything since it didnt say immediate. Help needed.  Granted they were looking for a photogrphy associate position with costumer service skills so on.  2 minutes later I had a call for interview!!  Unfortunatly its 1400 miles away and im not back until may .  But they said to call back and they may still need help, so that was my valentines day excitement.

Happy valentines day all, I hope each and everyone of you has something to be excited about today 🙂