Has it really been 4 years?

4 years ago at this time I was getting a handicap pass to go back to school.  The fall of 2009, I was in my final year of undergrad, my sister inlaw was pregnant with my lil nephew, and I was preparing for a internship at a community center with an art therapist.  I was also in severe on going pain, and needed the handicap pass to get closer parking on campus and other places.  My chiro was onl y minimally taking the pain away by that point but I was determined to continue school, my part time in class aid job, and do my internship. Hell I made it that far right? What was another school year of pain when I could at least park closer to my destination.

Now, my brother is getting a divorce, I survived the pain, chemotherapy, my undergrad and masters program, am interning at alocal hospital chain with an expressive art therapy program, and today had an awesome interview as a life enrichment assistant at an assisted living facility! !!!!!!!

  I thought the pain would kill me, but here I am stronger then ever finally reaching my goals.  Its totally awesome!  On top of that since I’m back in state I get to see my nephews, last week me and the older one went to a snake show!   And the younger one learned how to use learning games on my ipad 🙂 yay for elmo!  But he has also discpvered our ols big bike and soccer!  The older one enjoys frogs and reading about squids.  Oh the joys of little ones.   

Now that I’m finally doing art therapy, its time to move to next goals and not let my medicall history haunt me from meeting my prince charming and giving my nephews some cousins!  Who knows, maybe santa will help me out this christmas 🙂   yay for no pain and doing what I enjoy! ( now keep ur fin gers crossed that I get this job, should find out by friday)