I am terrible at this – but here are some updates!

 Hello followers!  I apologize, I am terrible at keeping up with this blog.  I have improved with my social media however, I found an amazing program called “cinchshare” and every few weeks spend a few hours finding material that I hope is interesting to share and schedule them for facebook and instagram / twitter. Maybe i can connect this to it as well.   

Anyway! Updates: 

my website is finally up and running, http://www.peaceincolor.org ! I had to switch servers and try to figure out technical stuff and work with their support team and wait for updates to kick in, and needless to say it took alot longer then expected.  

My office will have a new location soon!  I am moving closer to the fox valley mall to a- one level, no stairs, large group space, large office and plenty of window- building ! I am super excited for this change, and will post pictures after the office is ready for me to move in, with my name on the space and directory board.  

I am also planning groups, my hope is for an #openstudio -no “therapy”- art as healing , maybe meet others and do art together or on your own. offering lessons for knitting, painting or otherwise. An #anxiety or #depression 6 week group, assist with support and validation, learning coping skills together to handle stress or fatigue, the weighted down feeling of darkness. I will also be offering “lunch and learns” for other professionals who want to learn what art therapy is or to do art-therapy on their lunch hour to destress from the work week.

Other themes individually or included in the above could include, #trauma, #selfesteem, #divorce,#pain #chronic #illness #isolation – am looking to collaborate with others and offer #yoga or #dance /#drama therapy options as well. Until now, while i have truly enjoyed my current space and the other independents ive gotten to know i have not had an appropriately sized space to offer art groups and since i can id love to have both talk and art to offer to others. I can offer a non art group however, and the option is always up to the client as to what they want to do or not do. To assist with social distancing, videoing into the group will always be an option. Once i get started recruiting, i will put out flyers and a google ad! When the group fills ( say 10 people) a wait list will be started for the next session. Open studio will be on going , anyone can join at any time.
More info to come on these updates including fees! i am looking into insurance as in the past insurance does not typically cover groups so it would be out of pocket, and i accept cash card or paypal.