Im back before july, who knew!
Hello all!
I told you id be back before summer 🙂 .  Its amazing how quickly time passes.  Since fall, I have left the memory care unit, and I have left the small private practice where I was an art therapist for 6 months.  Starting a new business is difficult though, and I had to make the choice sooner then later.  I am currently in a behavioral health facility as a Residential Counselor! I am like an assistant to the therapists. Us counselors are here for the residents during their stay and help them with skills, cbt homework, keeping up to task with their school homework and keeping safe during treatment.  Parts of it have been a little emotionally difficult for me, but that is why I attend regular supervision with other professionals ( we get together and help give tips to others on getting over the emotional difficulty that some populations may bring to help prevent early burn out)
  I am still promoting Mary Kay products ( check out my Facebook page   I am meeting with a digital marketing consultant via phone conference to help promote my services as a independent skincare consultant and helping you discover what you love! ( so keep an eye out for my ad this next week on fb, like my page to be available to discounts and skincare / makeup application tips. ) I love the confidence I’ve gained through this last year of having my business. Ive also gained my “marykay family”, who is there when I need support and helps me gain confidence by giving feedback during my product presentations. We give each other tips and tricks on sharing product, and share hotel rooms during conferences!  The girl time is great, we get to dress up, talk about farting and switch back to business all in the same conversation.( if your interested in becoming part of this,, pink bubble world of business women and dancing at conventions, let me know! discounted sign up deal till the end of this month)
Back to my previous list of “catchup”. warning- long post!
Fatigue sucks,especially when it takes over all free time-  as a philosophical question- what’s the point of being pain free to live, but being too fatigue to live? as a long term side effect of chemo I have chronic fatigue.  With my new job I am working any and every shift, so my sleeping schedule is gone “poof”.  I feel like I sleep all the time, but even during my break between jobs, I still felt too tired to move, to tired to exercise, too tired.
I’m trying the excersize thing again! Hopefully it will stick – im trying at least 10 minutes on the indoor bike once a day, walking the dogs if able ( usually half hour with 2 dogs is a good workout), and during commercials using a steperuper thing.  the first three weeks I lost 2.5 lbs!!!!   then I had a busy week of noc shifts, we had some bad snow storms nad I got hit with allergies due to the  change from snow to warmth.  needless to say I regained those 2.5 lbs.  but im back on it again!  its ok to hit bumps in the road, because a bump is just a bump.
I’m finally going to be an art therapist!(once I mail in my forms) – i officially finished my post grad supervision hours and face to face client time in January. i have been receiving forms from supervisors and reccomendations from other art therapists, so once i get the final sheet in a sealed envelope ( oopsy for not reading the fine print)  , i will mail them in and become official!  I am also working toward my LPC. i put off the national exam way to long. i am finishing the state statue exam tonight after this blog, hopefully taking the NCE (national counseling exam) next month, and work on finishing my hours between now and next march to become an official licensed professional counselor in the state of wi!  Super excited!!!!  hoping to switch into the experiential department at work to so i can start doing art therapy with the residents.  Until then i am still helping at a local oncology unit twice a month doing art therapy, love helping people use art to help themselves. totally recommend it. ( find me on pinterest ! i have boards for marykay and art therapy )
Technology and work frustrations. Joy- going to leave this at that.
Still single, the joys of internet dating.- another day.  today some guy messaged me asking if the bush was in or out.  the other day some guy asked if i wanted to be oiled up!  other guys have stood me up and others not responded. Its an interesting world, this internet dating.
I think this is good for now, but im definitely going to make a point of posting more often. Ive been working on artist trading cards and visual journaling , so i will share some of those pages!
Take care