Inspired to write

Hello all!  I m not sure if I wrote about my initial chemo, but for anyone reading this I’ll give it ago along with suggestions on surviving it.

As my doc said, everyone handles chemo differently, make sure you communicate with your nurses, write down questions to ask.  Will you have someone with you part of the time?
I switched to Gatorade during chemo,  before I was diagnosed I was downing 15+ bottles a day between day and night
 port may have been sore if I laid on my right side, but the needle portion was nothing! I was given a numbing cream but it was more a feeling of pressure or a mosquito bite. Unless the nurse took more then 3 times to get the needle in its proper position, then it started hurting (didn’t happen to often)

My first one was directly after they installed the port, so that morning I was a mess and it didn’t help that they couldn’t get in an Iv without extra assistants trying(happens after three weeks of testing and blood draws etc) so by the time they got me sedated, ported and into the chemo room I was doing just dandy lol. However I did have a reaction to the rituxan(?)and had to come back a full second day. I had the port that time so the needle anxiety wasn’t too bad and the benedryl knocked me out for majority of the day. Felt all swishy after from the liquids so I slept it off in the car /at home.I asked if they could not use the benedryl, they said the chances of side effects /adverse reactions would be much greater and they didn’t want to risk putting me through that.

Mom  packed puddings and water, dad got me sodas and chips from vending machine, exploring the hospital gave him something to do. Mom knitted while I was asleep and then we’d play cards or read /puzzles the last hour or two when I was awake.  They also had tvs with donated movies available .